image image image image image image image image image imageSitter på en lunch i Zürichs flygplats och vänta på mitt flyg hem… Längtar efter ikväll och att fira min dag med mina favorittjejer 🙂

Medan jag sitter här och väntar tänkte blogga lite om dessa lyxiga och exklusiva träningskläder som jag fick hem för ett tag sen från Wallderinska

Många bryr sig aldrig om vad de bär på men heej det är jätteviktigt att känna sig snygg och fräsch även när man tränar tro mig, det motiverar otroligt mycket så tänk på det… Vem gillar inte att vara snygg, det är en av avdelningarna till att man tränar eller hur? 🙂

Kom igen nu tjejer gör lite investering för gymmet ? på hittar ni bland de exklusivaste träningsplaggen jag någonstans tränat i och känslan är enormt bra.

Vi hörs imorgon då får lite uppdatering från födelsedags firandet 🙂

Önskar er bra start på veckan..

Kramar ❤️

I’m eating lunch at Zürich airport waiting for my flight… Can’t wait for tonight and to celebrate my birthday with my favorite girls 🙂

While I’m here waiting I thought that I should tell you about these luxurious workout clothes from Wallderinska. I think it is important to look good at the gym, that’s why you’re there from the beginning right? Invest in some nice exclusive gear for the gym from, you’ll feel amazing!

Talk to you tomorrow when I will share some updates from my birthday celebrations

Have a nice week!

Hugs <3

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How do I have such a nice body?!
This is the question I have been asked by many of you.

Now, I will try explain what it is I do and eat.

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t train hard. The first time I started going to the gym was a year ago and the reason was to take selfies in every outfit I bought. When I should compete in a beauty pageant then I started to take it serious so I had a personal trainer to show me how it’s done. We trained about 3 times a week and mostly focused on building strength and muscles.
Before that, I knew nothing. It paid off because I was a lot stronger and happier in those days.
It’s important to exercise which is why I wish I did it as frequently as I used to. Unfortunately, I often find myself feeling quite lazy.

When it comes to food, I eat eveything. Italian is my favourite. Fanta Exotic is the drink I always have in my fridge and Nutina is my favourite chocolate.
I’ve never controlled what I eat and I hope never to need to do so.

I guess that’s how I have this body.
My lifestyle?
I don’t drink and I’ve never smoked a day in my life. Anothing thing is that I never eat breakfast. Okay, sometimes I do but very late like around 12:00? However, that has nothing to do with me wanting to be fresh and fit. The reason why is that as a teenager I was always fixing myself up for school. Looking good was more important than eating. So, I put all my time into that while my sister ate breakfast. My mom always nagged about it but I couldn’t help it. In the end, my family got used to it. So, for me, it became natural over the years. I am never hungry in the mornings. When it does happen, I drink water!

The advice I was given, which isn’t a secret for anybody, is to exercise whenever you can because it will always pay off. So, because we are all so different I don’t know what works for others. Although, I would recommend that you also have a late breakfast for a few days. Try keep it up to see if you lose weight. If you do, continue. If not, well, just keep working out!

Personnally, I’m gonna try exercise at least a good twice a week. I would love to be stronger and fitter.

What physical activities do you do to stay fit? And yes, all forms of exercise count 😉

Fashion Designer / Stylist / Model / Blogger
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