Hey Girls,

I selected some amazing items for you from Zalando & Nelly’s new arrivals. Very Trendy, high quality and wonderful colors for a fair prices… Click on every pic to go to the product.


Salut les filles,

Je viens de selectionner mes favoris articles de la semaine parmis les nouvautes de Zalando & Nelly. De tres beaux vetements a des prix tres abordable… Cliquez sur chaque photo pour accedez au produit.


Hej Tjejer,

Jag har vald mina veckans favoriter från Zalandos & Nellys senaste. Väldigt trendigt, bra kvalité och underbara färger till bra priser.. Klicka på varje bild för att se plagget.






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Finally I can post the photos in this fabulous dress. I love every single piece of Rebecca Stellas designes, as a designer I have to say that she is a true inspiration.

The dress  has a great fabrique, it conforms to the body in a way that is so perfect when you need to show your feminity. I love this color (you will see it everywhere this summer)

Buy the dress here




Je peux enfin publier les photos dans cette fabuleuse robe. J’aime tout ce que Rebecca Stella crée, en tant que créatrice de mode je dois reconnaitre que cette fille est une vrai source d’inspiration.

La robe est fait d’un tres bon materiel, elle se conforme a votre corps chose qui est perfecte si vous voulez faire resortir votre feminité. J’adore cette couleure (d’ailleurs vous la verrai partout cet été)

Vous pouvez achetee la robe ici




Äntligen kan jag lägga upp bilder i denna underbara klänning. Jag älskar allt Rebecca Stella designer, som designer måste jag säga att hon är en riktigt inspiration.

Klänningen har ett sånt skönt tyg och den formar sig så bra efter kroppen vilket är perfekt när man vill ta fram sin kvinnlighet . Älskar färgen också (den kommer ni att se mycket av i sommar)

Klänningen kan ni köpa här

image imageimage image image image imageimage image image



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This is one of my looks that got so many reactions on social media.

People’s comments ranged from “Yeezy top” to “I hate those Yeezy clothes” (which it is not) to “She looks like she has been at war for years” to “This is not fashion” etc… To tell the truth, I was not surprised because it’s something that people are not used to and it’s not everybody that would dare to wear such a loud outfit. Personally, when it comes to fashion my intention is always to bring attention and I try to inspire even if it’s not always easy. In the end, most of the feedback was positive and after a while, all the posts became popular. People’s reactions are often like that before they get used to it. Like when those dirty jeans came out for the first time, I was about 10-12 years old, I remember telling a girl on the street “Hey, look your pants are dirty” and she gave me this strange look that said: stupid little girl, can’t you see that this is fashion? Although, at the time, I had no idea. It was my first time seeing them despite my eye for fashion.
Someone creates the look then somebody has to dare to wear it in a stylish manner.

You know, so many people have different opinions on what fashion is, it often depend on the person’s look. Personally, I wear any kind of look through which I can bring my own flavor. This is part of my power in this industry where I can show my own individuality and creativity through an item somebody else has already made, if it’s not my own design, and make it unique. Fashion is not items of clothing that you buy just to wear, or simply matching black and white; it is deeper than that. It demands individuality and creativity to create something unique. There are many ways to achieve this, for example: by matching different colors together to find something new, getting inspiration from others and turning it into something that is yours that can inspire even more people. We are all creative in one way or another, so try it a few times and soon it will come naturally. Come on, not everybody can have a personal stylist like celebrities, right?
So, work work work your head around it until you feel satisfied! It will pay off when you receive compliments when you go out and maybe new opportunities. Who knows? The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear of course. 🙂

Remember, passion comes with your own creativity which can inspire and be inspired by a whole world out there. The biggest creators in different industries often have great passion. So, there is truth in the saying *passion for fashion*














Assisted by Oageng Shope

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How do I have such a nice body?!
This is the question I have been asked by many of you.

Now, I will try explain what it is I do and eat.

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t train hard. The first time I started going to the gym was a year ago and the reason was to take selfies in every outfit I bought. When I should compete in a beauty pageant then I started to take it serious so I had a personal trainer to show me how it’s done. We trained about 3 times a week and mostly focused on building strength and muscles.
Before that, I knew nothing. It paid off because I was a lot stronger and happier in those days.
It’s important to exercise which is why I wish I did it as frequently as I used to. Unfortunately, I often find myself feeling quite lazy.

When it comes to food, I eat eveything. Italian is my favourite. Fanta Exotic is the drink I always have in my fridge and Nutina is my favourite chocolate.
I’ve never controlled what I eat and I hope never to need to do so.

I guess that’s how I have this body.
My lifestyle?
I don’t drink and I’ve never smoked a day in my life. Anothing thing is that I never eat breakfast. Okay, sometimes I do but very late like around 12:00? However, that has nothing to do with me wanting to be fresh and fit. The reason why is that as a teenager I was always fixing myself up for school. Looking good was more important than eating. So, I put all my time into that while my sister ate breakfast. My mom always nagged about it but I couldn’t help it. In the end, my family got used to it. So, for me, it became natural over the years. I am never hungry in the mornings. When it does happen, I drink water!

The advice I was given, which isn’t a secret for anybody, is to exercise whenever you can because it will always pay off. So, because we are all so different I don’t know what works for others. Although, I would recommend that you also have a late breakfast for a few days. Try keep it up to see if you lose weight. If you do, continue. If not, well, just keep working out!

Personnally, I’m gonna try exercise at least a good twice a week. I would love to be stronger and fitter.

What physical activities do you do to stay fit? And yes, all forms of exercise count 😉

Fashion Designer / Stylist / Model / Blogger
Founder & Owner of Minza.se & Barryan.com